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8 - Deprogram Yourself


Pheonix and HempressEmilyM finish discussing the Cathy O'Brien documentary, Adrenachrome, harmonics in news stories, and the Tyranny of Tolerance.

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7 - Using My Own Cheat Code


Pheonix and HempressEmilyM continue to discuss the Cathy O'Brien MKUltra documentary plus abortion and religion...all your third rail topics in one place!

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6 - Get High On Government


Pheonix and HempressEmilyM start deconstructing the full-length documentary about MK-Ultra Project Monarch survivor, Cathy O'Brien and her journey through Mind Control, Human Slavery and Healing the Nation.

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5 - Go Touch Grass


Pheonix and HempressEmilyM talk about how we've all been subject to MKUltra bullshit...and how we can heal from it.

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4 - Free Range Slaves


Pheonix and HempressEmilyM discuss the origins of our educational system in the US as well as the crippling effects of student loan debt.

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3 - Trigger Treat


Pheonix and Hempress Emily discuss Halloween: origins, traditions, and the supernatural.

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2 - Dick or No Dick


Pheonix and HempressEmilyM discuss genders and gender roles from the Millenial and GenX perspective.

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1 - Two Yentas Yacking


The inaugural episode of Coffee n Chronic with HempressEmily and Pheonix

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